Why Regina?
Skyline-Regina View from the Sky

Regina, Saskatchewan is a middle sized Canadian city with a population of 250,000 people in the trading area. The city is known for it’s symphony, theatre, professional football team, as the home for the RCMP - the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and for it’s closeness to the great outdoors.


Regina receives more sunlight than any other capital city in Canada, so residents and visitors have plenty of opportunities to wander, walk, run or cycle through the park under sunny skies.


Housing is affordable in Regina even with some larger increases in pricing over the last few years. A home like this one, in a very nice area, is about $700,000.


The Wascana Centre is a 2,400 acre park within the city limits that features a 120 hectare lake. Over      350,000 hand planted trees grow in Regina ... many of these beautiful trees are in Wascana Park.


Since Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, it has a fairly stable economy. The economy is also driven by agriculture, steel manufacturing, mining, and technology.

Wascana View home

Regina has a very good quality of life because commute times are low and residents can then spend more time with family. Most of our staff live within fifteen minutes of our two clinics and within twenty minutes of the two hospitals that we work from.

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